Liz Vercruysse

Liz's work may be best described as a funky, organic meld of seed pod inspired forms and botanically inspired texture. Intrigued by the mystery of the pod as a reproductive vessel, she has chosen to explore the form, investigating its subtleties and potentials. Recently this exploration has lead to an involvement with other forms that she sees as having an influence from various seed pod shapes. The delicate protective and reproductive parts of botanies offer inspiration for surfaces and a natural blend of form and textures emerge when these botanical influences are applied to the surface of a pod inspired form. It’s a correlation that lies deeper than the surface, offering a sub text for the viewer to explore.

wood fired native clay vessel

wood fired native clay lidded vessel

wood fired porcelain lidded jar

wood fired porcelain bottle

wood fired salt glazed bug jars

wood fired native clay carved vase

wood fired porcelain pod form

wood fired porcelain cone form

wood fired porcelain cup

wood fired porcelain spiky cup

wood fired porcelain long legged bottle

gas glaze fired bug cups